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Certificate Issuance and Usage Policy


The purpose of this document is to provide clarity about how the certificates are issued and used by the Client / Student, DSBWorldWide, Inc. employees, Regulatory Health Authorities, and external entities.


Food manager certificates are issued to students seeking food manager education upon completion of the food manager course.


  • "Certificate" – defined as a document issued after successful completion of the online examination.
  • "Certificate issuance" – defined as the act of delivering a certificate via Food Manager Classes online food manager training service.
  • "Certificate usage" – understood to mean the intended use of the certificate by the food manager client/student with regards to regulatory health official's requirements.
  • "Successful completion" – understood to mean the receipt of a passing score or percentage upon completion of the online exam, the baseline of which is defined by partnered health department officials, state laws or regulations, and/or legislative documents.

Course completion and certificate issuance

Course completion and certificate issuance are based upon several factors:

  • Client / Student has properly signed-up and completed their profile
  • Client / Student has purchased or redeemed the course in need
  • Client / Student has passed the exam.
  • Exam Course
    • Client / Student will have 2 opportunities to pass the exam
    • Client / Student must pass the exam with a 75% or greater score
  • Once Client / Student has passed the exam, they will then be issued a certificate.
  • The Client / Student can access the certificate for viewing / printing any time during the life of the certificate.
  • Once the certificate has expired, the Client / Student will have to purchase and pass the course again before accessing their new FoodManagerClasses.com certificate

Certificate Validity:

  • The FMC CFP certificate will be issued upon passing the CFP examination.
  • The certificate shall be valid for no more than 5 years.

Certificate Usage:

  • Please Note: Certificate use is defined and dictated by partnered health department officials, state or local laws or regulations, and /or legislative documents.
  • DSBWorldWide, Inc. dba FoodManagerClasses.com does not grant credentials or acronyms to any individual successfully completing any of its certificate programs.
  • Students must present their certificate to their employer. A copy of the certificate is to be kept at the employee's place of business.
  • Students may print their food manager certificate upon completion of the course from their account.
  • Students use their food manager certificate to provide proof of satisfactory completion of the food manager safety course to their employer and health department.
  • Students may reprint their certificate from FoodManagerClasses.com at anytime while their certificate is valid. Sample reasons for reprinting their certificate would be: change of employment or lost certificate.

Updated: 5/10/2023